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Saturday, July 17, 2010
I'm tired of this
After a long day,
To hear that I'm supposedly missed after someone is mia for so long I hate a guy like that nor can I stand being played like a fool. Friends or whatever don't do that to each other. If you know you like someone more don't try fooling a bunch of girls. Cause it's really starting to get on my nerves. I don't want to mention his name even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this. But this is driving me nuts ugh I hate guys all the bad stuff tends to happen to me. It's easily to tell when someone's words don't reach there eyes; to wait so long to tell someone you miss them it's a bit late. Being the good person sucks sometimes I wish I could be a tiny bit mean blah. FML. Where's Lidia and my long needed walk. For guys to kind of give you drama is funny I thought I'm suppose to give drama. The last time, I checked I was a girl or so I thought. Jking
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