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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Cheery Days!
Somehow, seems like things for me have taken a 180 turn. I thought I was someone who could never be like this happy. It seems like unrealistic to me. But, reality somehow is getting brighter that lately not only is my relationship good but my friendship with Melany seems to have strengthen for that I truly am happy. There was somehow always like this feeling of a gap but seems with the days thing's are getting better. Maybe, being with someone you really care about really changes you. Or maybe because Rupali annoys me so much lately that I seem to realize who are my better friendship or cherish those before me. Today, once again Rupali called me at 7:30ish in the morning asking about a ride again sigh. And I was trying to sleep till like 8 cause lately I don't get enough sleep which seems to be impossible because of her. We drove to school once again this happens like every Monday to Wednesday morning I really am getting tired of it though why can't she just call me or text me the night before why morning phone calls? Sigh! Hope this won't continue so long is driving me nuts sometimes she calls me multiple times I wish I could just hang out or ignore it, but that's mean I can't do that. Being Annie sure is hard >.<.
Slid down the rainbow at 10:54 PM
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