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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
I realized I haven't uploaded my fictionpress Poems in 5 years amazingly. Maybe, I should try to updated it with the poems from than. Ever since I joined CSULA I've seem to have stop writing hmmmm. It's so intriguing that when I was so angry about everything that was happen I didn't burst into a poem or something hahahhahaha. Might as well attempt to write one now.

I'm always the girl by your side
Not the girl on your arm
In the corner of your eye
Though I'm never your number one
Yet you keep me on the side
Those words you whisper
Near seem to reach up to the corner of your eyes
To pathway of your heart
A idiotic girl, am I
Giving you knowledgeable pieces of love dribbles
Though I am indeed aware
I am not yours, as you are not mine
You and I will never intertwine
Yet, you and I are always side by side
Through I am not the girl on your arm
Nor am I the girl in your eyes
Lending you, wise little love dribbles
For that girl, you hope to gain in your arms
For I am indeed a idiotic girl

Dude, do I love this poem!
Slid down the rainbow at 5:15 PM
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