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Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Windy Days!
Today, like every other Tuesday and Thursday, I had class at 8:30am. Oh yeah, in the end yesterday Vy and Lan took me to class. Dude, they were being so stupid because I came home at 11 yesterday. In drawing, today we had to draw like the inner structure like where-ever we picked. I found out even with rules my stupid lines aren't even straight how annoying blah >.< drawing isn't my best point after all. Darryl and I had lunch at Boudin's yum clam chowder and the italian classic rawr. Oh yeah, since I did the epitaph assignment wrong Professor Drew told me to turn it in on Wednesday kind of creepy you though writing a epitaph so you can like put on your grave it's like haunting kind of it's just like if you write about it seems like your ready for the thought of death itself. Well, I just had fun with it wrote about things I can never do, but wish to do so why not have it written on my like practice gravestone :P. Well, thats all <3 muah
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