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Saturday, April 5, 2008
Just another day!
Nothing much happened today. In the morning, Darryl and I, we were gonna go to the gym so he could go to the cardio orientation and with all due suckiness they said there isn't any orientation which seems quite stupid rawr since theres a sign that says stuff about having orientation today. Afterwards, just went to mcdonalds and bought some chicken nuggets even though wearing gym clothes [t-shirt and mini shorts] at mickie d's feels really odd ugh ppl were probably staring. We were "suppose" to go swimming with Lidia and Melany. But, than like always at the time when your suppose to go Lidia doesn't really call after a while like 3 o'clock she calls even though the meeting time was like 1:30-2 saying the weather is bad and stuff. Well, Mel I didn't even get a phone call rawr. So we just sat around and did nothing. Evil friends >.<>
Hey, while this town is covered by twilight,
As that flower withers away in your hand,
A little seed probably falls into the ground somewhere.
If the trodden soil is called a path,
Then is shutting my eyes love?

If our star was flat, the two of us wouldn't have met.
We were running without slowing down,
As if from each other. No matter how far apart we are now,
We will surely face each other again in this revolving miracle.
Hey, when the twilight passes from this town,
Take my tears away too.
If a story of words is called a novel,
Then are these words that can't reach it my dream?
Carried by fallen leaves floating in the river that flows without faltering,
Became clouds with the sea and fell with the rain,
I will raise this seed that fell near the distant you.
If only you would notice me from your distant location.
Because our star revolves without stopping,
The sceneries outside the tiny opened window,
And the flower I loved, we will surely face each other again,
In this revolving miracle, in this sprouting season,
We will surely face each other again.
Round and round I go,
Round and round around you.

Slid down the rainbow at 10:28 PM
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