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Saturday, April 12, 2008
What I want!
Since ppl have been asking me what I want for my b-day. Heres my list if you pick one please tell me so I can tell my friends!
1. Blue Mr. Pickles (Sanrio)
2. Mr. Pickle bag (Sanrio)
3. AX ticket 4 days (anime expo) http://www.anime-expo.org/registration/ about 50-55 bucks I think
3.This is a swim suit i want I'm a size medium its only online though http://www.target.com/Xhilaration-Plaid-Monokini-Black-White/dp/B000WLW1F4/
4. Sepora or Target gift card
5.stuff animal yoshi big size
6. Karaoke Revolution Party (Ps2)
7. Karaoke Revolution American Idol Encore (ps2)
8.Six Flag ticket (but I'm going on the 25)
9. Money?
10. Best Buy or game stop gift card?
11. black mokona stuff animal
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Cheery Days!
Somehow, seems like things for me have taken a 180 turn. I thought I was someone who could never be like this happy. It seems like unrealistic to me. But, reality somehow is getting brighter that lately not only is my relationship good but my friendship with Melany seems to have strengthen for that I truly am happy. There was somehow always like this feeling of a gap but seems with the days thing's are getting better. Maybe, being with someone you really care about really changes you. Or maybe because Rupali annoys me so much lately that I seem to realize who are my better friendship or cherish those before me. Today, once again Rupali called me at 7:30ish in the morning asking about a ride again sigh. And I was trying to sleep till like 8 cause lately I don't get enough sleep which seems to be impossible because of her. We drove to school once again this happens like every Monday to Wednesday morning I really am getting tired of it though why can't she just call me or text me the night before why morning phone calls? Sigh! Hope this won't continue so long is driving me nuts sometimes she calls me multiple times I wish I could just hang out or ignore it, but that's mean I can't do that. Being Annie sure is hard >.<.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Windy Days!
Today, like every other Tuesday and Thursday, I had class at 8:30am. Oh yeah, in the end yesterday Vy and Lan took me to class. Dude, they were being so stupid because I came home at 11 yesterday. In drawing, today we had to draw like the inner structure like where-ever we picked. I found out even with rules my stupid lines aren't even straight how annoying blah >.< drawing isn't my best point after all. Darryl and I had lunch at Boudin's yum clam chowder and the italian classic rawr. Oh yeah, since I did the epitaph assignment wrong Professor Drew told me to turn it in on Wednesday kind of creepy you though writing a epitaph so you can like put on your grave it's like haunting kind of it's just like if you write about it seems like your ready for the thought of death itself. Well, I just had fun with it wrote about things I can never do, but wish to do so why not have it written on my like practice gravestone :P. Well, thats all <3 muah
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Saturday, April 5, 2008
A gentle kiss
A sweet embrace
A single wave
A single glance
Makes our heart ponder
Makes our minds wander
How little gestures
Makes our bodies melt
Reality seems to disappear
With everything you do
How easily you sway me so
What a spell you have weaved
With your undeniable touch
Touch truly is our greatest sin
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Just another day!
Nothing much happened today. In the morning, Darryl and I, we were gonna go to the gym so he could go to the cardio orientation and with all due suckiness they said there isn't any orientation which seems quite stupid rawr since theres a sign that says stuff about having orientation today. Afterwards, just went to mcdonalds and bought some chicken nuggets even though wearing gym clothes [t-shirt and mini shorts] at mickie d's feels really odd ugh ppl were probably staring. We were "suppose" to go swimming with Lidia and Melany. But, than like always at the time when your suppose to go Lidia doesn't really call after a while like 3 o'clock she calls even though the meeting time was like 1:30-2 saying the weather is bad and stuff. Well, Mel I didn't even get a phone call rawr. So we just sat around and did nothing. Evil friends >.<>
Hey, while this town is covered by twilight,
As that flower withers away in your hand,
A little seed probably falls into the ground somewhere.
If the trodden soil is called a path,
Then is shutting my eyes love?

If our star was flat, the two of us wouldn't have met.
We were running without slowing down,
As if from each other. No matter how far apart we are now,
We will surely face each other again in this revolving miracle.
Hey, when the twilight passes from this town,
Take my tears away too.
If a story of words is called a novel,
Then are these words that can't reach it my dream?
Carried by fallen leaves floating in the river that flows without faltering,
Became clouds with the sea and fell with the rain,
I will raise this seed that fell near the distant you.
If only you would notice me from your distant location.
Because our star revolves without stopping,
The sceneries outside the tiny opened window,
And the flower I loved, we will surely face each other again,
In this revolving miracle, in this sprouting season,
We will surely face each other again.
Round and round I go,
Round and round around you.

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